Creating beautiful things inspired by nature

Frank's journey into the world of travertine stone began on the Aegean coast, south of Izmir, where history sleeps in the embrace of nature. Amidst the ancient landscape, he discovered a natural stone shaped by time, each piece a unique narrative of the earth's past.

Intrigued by the stone's natural beauty and the stories it carried, Frank was inspired to blend this ancient material with artistic expression. He delved into the works of Marcus Elieser Bloch, a figure whose passion for natural history resonated with his own. The intricate sea creature illustrations from Bloch's collections, along with classical designs from Ottoman, Venetian, and Tuscan art, sparked a creative flame in Frank.

Embracing the challenge, Frank developed a unique decoupage technique to transfer these historic designs onto the travertine's uneven surface, ensuring each piece not only held a design but a depth of history and artistry. This process, a dance of science and art, allowed the natural character of the travertine to shine through, complementing each design with its own story.

InspiraNatura was born from this fusion of nature, history, and art. Each tile from Frank's collection is not just a piece of decor but a fragment of history, a slice of the earth's past, adorned with art that has transcended centuries. Through InspiraNatura, Frank invites us into a world where every piece tells a story, where the beauty of the natural world meets human creativity, offering a glimpse into the past while enhancing our present spaces.

Now, as you explore the collection at InspiraNatura, you're not just observing art; you're touching a piece of the earth's history, brought to life through Frank's vision and passion.

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